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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

Sadly Not Every Registered Voter in Redondo Beach Had the Unique Opportunity to Be Appointed Mayor

2/21/24 Update

I had hopes that there would be a transparent democratic process - there were some good people who offered their service and there would have been more IF the appointment wasn't already rigged - a sad day for Redondo Beach and its future.

Listen to a Redondo Beach resident's reaction on HRNnews@7's Rants & Raves airing Monday February 26 at 7am and 7pm -


With the recent passing of Mayor Brand, the City Council needs to appoint his replacement within 30 days.


There are many qualified concerned people in Redondo who might want to serve as interim Mayor since they won’t have to spend the time and money to go through an election, and the term of service is only 13 months.


At the City Council meeting on February 20, the process for appointing a new Mayor will be clarified during Agenda Item P1. Candidly, the process is not clear.


But if it is the same as was when District 1 City Council member stepped down several years ago: people needed to apply, be interviewed by the City Council at a public special meeting, and the City Council decided. All transparent and democratic.


If an existing City Council member applies and is appointed interim Mayor, then their seat becomes vacant and the City Council needs to appoint someone in that District for the remainder of their term. Hopefully by the same transparent and democratic process.


So if you would like the opportunity to serve the people in Redondo Beach, please contact the City Council and attend the meeting on Tuesday, February 20 at City Hall at 6 PM. Current City Council members -

I, for one, will apply to serve my community as I have since 2008.


My qualifications

  • 17-year registered voter in Redondo Beach.

  • Leadership Redondo Alumni, Class of 2008.

  • Founded ‘Keep the Esplanade Beautiful,’ a 10-year-old 501 c 3 charity that holds monthly trash cleanups on the Esplanade.

  • Attended most City Council and District 1 meetings since 2008.

  • Radio Host of ‘Your Best Life’ on Healthy Life Net.

  • Advocate for responsible cannabis legalization to protect children and seniors and provide additional tax revenue for Redondo since 2017.

  • Spearheaded effort to defeat Measure E to prevent an outside company from controlling cannabis dispensaries in Redondo thus bypassing the City’s efforts.

  • Active as a Community Leader in Measure A, Measure B, Measure C, and the Waterfront Development.

  • As the inaugural Executive Director at the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) established infrastructure and implemented an aggressive plan for regulatory compliance for ICANN and the development of the Ombuds and grant programs.

  • Facilitated the IFFOR Policy Council of international experts that included Nadine Strossen First Amendment Law Professor at New York Law School and prior President of ACLU, Bob Corn-Revere one of the counsels for the Child Online Protection Act, and Fred Cate, Director of the Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research.

  • As the first Executive Director of the Association of Sites Advocating for Child Protection (ASACP) developed strategic plans that grew ASACP to an international association known for implementing innovative technical solutions. For example. the 'Restricted to Adults' (RTA) website label was recognized by Google, Microsoft, and most parental control filtering systems and received recognition from Congressperson Jane Harman, several California legislators, and cities; including Redondo Beach.

  • Participated on committees including the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography and the Harvard Berkman Center Report on Online Safety. Interacted with many national and international entities and law enforcement including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, FBI, DOJ, RCMP, Interpol, Internet Watch Foundation, and Family Online Safety Institute, etc.

  • Advocated for online child protection in the US, Australia, and Europe.


Now is the time for the residents of Redondo Beach to actively engage in shaping the future of our city. Whether by applying for the interim Mayor position or participating in the democratic process, every individual has the power to make a meaningful impact. Let us come together to ensure a transparent, inclusive, and accountable transition of leadership in our beloved Redondo Beach.



Qualifications and Duties of Mayor (


No person shall be eligible to file as a candidate or hold office as Mayor unless such person shall be a registered voter of the City of Redondo Beach at the time of filing such person's nomination papers and shall have been a resident of the City for at least thirty (30) days immediately preceding the date of such filing or appointment.


The Mayor shall not have a vote on any matter brought before the City Council unless such vote is necessary to decide a tie.


The Mayor shall be the executive head of the City of Redondo Beach for the purposes hereinafter set forth:

The Mayor shall preside over the meetings of the City Council.

The Mayor shall be the representative of the City for all ceremonial purposes.

The Mayor shall sign, on behalf of the City, all contracts, ordinances, resolutions and warrants except when the City Council has authorized the City Manager, or other officer or other employee to approve and sign a written contract on behalf of the City as hereinafter set forth.

The Mayor shall approve all bonds as to amounts.

The Mayor shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this Charter or as may be assigned to the Mayor by the City Council.





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