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It's not too early to start preparing for another Valentine's Day. And you can make this one the best HOTTEST one ever now that women have their own 'viagra!'



Three Important Ingredients to heat up your Valentine's Day and every time you have sex:

•       A cannabis-infused lubricant  

•       A vibrator 

•       Cannabis 


And let’s not forget, a willing partner or just with yourself!!


HOT SEX with five effective ‘tools’: 


  • Relax into the mood with a cannabis beverage.

  • Prepare your vagina, clitoris, and labia for enhanced pleasure with an infused lubricant.

  • Turn on your mouth for tasty delights with infused chocolate. In addition to a sensual creamy delight in your mouth, chocolate naturally produces arousal chemicals and cannabis intensifies the experience.

  • If you are experienced with cannabis, while waiting for the above products to take effect, perhaps enjoy a few hits of cannabis flower to prepare your mind and body for HOT Sex.

  • A VIBRATOR -- every woman (especially after menopause) benefits from the added stimulation on her genitals that propels her to sexual ecstasy and orgasm. You can buy one on Amazon. My favorite is a Magic Wand; a rechargeable one is better. But whichever one that gives you more pleasure and brings you to orgasm is THE BEST for you (  


Now that you know about the above tools, let’s talk about foreplay and preparing yourself mentally for a more fun time with your partner or yourself.  Many women need 20 minutes to be prepared for penetration. You can shorten this time and/or add to your pleasure with this quick ‘sexercise.’


  • Remember a time when you had REALLY HOT INTIMATE SEX THAT MADE YOU FEEL LOVED or if necessary, make up one – a fantasy.

  • Close your eyes and imagine you can feel a flow of sexual sensual energy flowing through your entire body, then notice that your genitals begin to slightly tingle as the blood flow increases. Notice if there is a color, a smell, a song (mine is Tina THE BEST) that relates to these pleasurable feelings. Allow these to intensify in your body and mind and at the height, touch your index finger to your thumb, and the natural ‘feel good’ chemicals your body produces will lift your mood and continue to send sexual sensations throughout your body. If even it is just a little - sometimes this is all you need at that moment to jump-start your body and mind.

  • So anytime you want to start the foreplay, imagine your color (etc.), the sensual feelings, and touch your index finger to your thumb and feel your body and mind begin to react. Then add the three important ingredients (see above) and sexual ecstasy may follow!


Have fun but remember 'LOW and SLOW'. Nothing is worse than being too high and missing out on HOT SEX. 

I’ve known for years that alcohol can cause sexual issues for men. “Alcohol is a depressant, and using it heavily can dampen mood, decrease sexual desire, and make it difficult for a man to achieve erections or reach an orgasm while under the influence.” ( As smoking cigarettes, it decreases blood flow to the penis. Plus, alcohol increases angiotensin, a hormone linked to erectile dysfunction (ED).


The pelvic region is packed with cannabinoid receptors. THC-infused lube may increase blood flow to the genitals, enhance sensation, help to relax the muscles, stimulate libido and reduce pain during intercourse. 


if you’re looking for a slower, more erotic way to work cannabis into partner sex, cannabis-infused massage oil can deliver feel-good cannabinoids via receptors in the skin. Sensual touch also helps to create an ambiance that promotes amorous feelings. Similarly, soaking in a bath infused with a cannabis bath bomb can also lift libido, thanks to the combined sensuality of cannabis, warm water, and fragrance. 


Data, I Love Data! One of many recent research reports that verify that Cannabis Appears to Enhance Sex – YEA!


74.3% reported an increased sensitivity to touch 50.5% said they were better able to focus.

69.8% said they could relax more during sex

68.5% ‘divulged’ that their overall sexual experience was more pleasurable

60.6% reported an increase in sex drive

52.8% reported shared that they had experienced an increase in satisfying orgasms

65.7% reported an increased intensity of orgasms 73.8% reported an increased sexual satisfaction



My Current Favorite Cannabis Sexual Enhancement Products, people have been asking me about products that are available in California:


To Health, Happiness, and Hot Sex!  




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