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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

The Esplanade is the OPTIMITY of Healthy Blue Zone: LIVE BETTER and LONGER

Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice - Beach City Health District press release September 30, 2023

“Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice In 2010, BCHD brought the Blue Zones Project® to the Beach Cities, which was selected to be the first Blue Zones Project community in the United States. Blue Zones Project® by Sharecare is a communitywide approach to creating healthier and more productive citizens. It uses permanent, evidence-based environmental and policy changes to motivate residents to adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles. Through the program, BCHD encouraged more than 22,000 residents to take “the Blue Zones Pledge,” choosing to follow the Power 9 Principles established by the Blue Zones Project, and more than 100 area restaurants offered healthier dining options for residents, becoming Blue Zones Project Approved restaurants and contributing to improved health for Beach Cities residents. “The Blue Zones Project surrounds people with healthy options — healthy menu items at local restaurants, policies that create infrastructures for active lifestyles like bike paths and walkways, and community programming to offer people opportunities to connect with others and find their life’s purpose,” said Dan Witters, research director for the Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index (WBI). “Residents of the Beach Cities experienced a significant increase in their well-being scores since 2015. Further, the WBI found that Beach Cities residents who engaged with the Blue Zones Project® have greater well-being overall.”

The Esplanade isn't just a scenic oceanfront roadway; it's a hub of vitality and community in Redondo Beach. Here, people of all ages engage in healthy activities like walking, running, cycling, and enjoying leisurely strolls with their furry companions. It's a place where friendships flourish, with gathering spots like Ave C, Ave F, Miramar Park, and Ave I - fostering social connections.

What adds to the Esplanade's charm is the stunning ocean-themed mosaic art, lovingly crafted by members of the Friends of Redondo Beach Arts members: Debbie Collette and Patti Linnett.

As you explore, especially around Ave I, you'll find yourself at the gateway to Riviera Village, Redondo's closest to a downtown area. Here, you can savor delicious meals at Blue Zone-approved restaurants, further enhancing the Esplanade's appeal.

We are truly fortunate to have the Esplanade and its myriad benefits, but this privilege comes with the responsibility of preserving its beauty for current and future generations to enjoy. For a decade, the "Keep the Esplanade Beautiful" has been organizing the 1st Saturday Sweep, where concerned residents and environmental enthusiasts meet at 9 AM outside Sacks on the Beach (Catalina and Ave I) to clean up litter. You'll also encounter individuals who diligently pick up trash daily, contributing to the area's pristine allure.

The Esplanade embodies the very essence of Blue Zone living, promoting healthy, active, and connected lifestyles. Let's cherish this remarkable space and continue to make it a shining example of vitality, community, and environmental stewardship.


I am honored to have Keep the Esplanade Beautiful as one of my legacies; I founded it 10 years ago!


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