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We're Getting Older
Now What?

It's Not About Getting Old, 
It's About Creating the Best Chapter of Your Life

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Don't Freak Out About Getting Older, You Can Make It The Best Chapter of Your Life!
- Dr. Joan Irvine

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Most of us feel as we reach the age 50+…we are becoming a senior member of society. 

We all see and feel the physical changes, regular activities seem more strenuous, our viewpoint changes about intimacy, and the perceptions of family and friends that we are “retired” and not active at all! Worse yet? Being treated as if being retired means almost dead.

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It is time to embrace a different view of getting older! It's Not About Getting Old, It's About Creating the Best Chapter of Your Life.  Take charge of your senior changes with easy-to-use tools provided by  Dr. Joan. 

As an Author, Motivational Speaker and Brand Spokesperson, she has helped many clients directly or through events with education and resources that encourage and empower them to ignite the fire in their soul and fuel their desire to live what can be the most fantastic chapter in life, their senior years. 

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Start Creating The Best Chapter of Your Life

Working with Dr. Joan Irvine Is Easier Than You Think!



Take charge and begin!

Book Dr. Joan to speak at your next event or to work with her personally. 



Unleash the fire within by implementing the steps, directions, and resources Dr. Joan will layout. 



Your life, full of the renewed possibilities. You can experience the joy of living the best chapter of your life!  

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Lisa Davis Rodriguez

"If you are looking for successful outcomes, there are few people as capable and competent as Joan Irvine. She combines her vast expertise, wealth of knowledge, and varied network of connections to grow concepts into fruitful endeavors. She's been my go-to mentor for over 10 years. Her no-nonsense approach to problem-solving and sound advice for achieving results is both measured and treasured."

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