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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

Cannabis for Healthy Living - REALLY!!

When many people hear the word "cannabis," they often conjure up a negative perspective, associating it with marijuana, weed, pot, and the stereotypical image of people getting "high" or being labeled as "stoners." However, this perception doesn't align with the reality of today's cannabis landscape. It's not their fault; the truth about the benefits of cannabis is only just emerging.

As a senior, I proudly represent the face of cannabis, part of the fastest-growing segment in the cannabis market. We are weary of being handed yet another drug with multiple side effects. Fortunately, with the recent legalization enabling comprehensive research on the cannabis plant, its various cannabinoids, and terpenes, we are uncovering its myriad healing properties.

I was a 'stoner' back in the '60s and have indulged in cannabis on and off for the past 50 years. However, it wasn't until cannabis became legal, coupled with extensive research and increased accessibility, that I grasped the significance of cannabis for our health, especially as we age. Terms like THC and CBD, the Endocannabinoid System, and how cannabis fosters homeostasis among our 11 organ systems were previously unknown to me. I didn't even know what 420 was until a few years ago.

Also unbeknownst to myself, I had been utilizing cannabis for medical purposes all along — to reduce stress, enhance sports performance, and even improve sexual pleasure. I'll admit, I still enjoy cannabis to get a 'buzz' during Happy Hour with friends - they get their buzz through alcohol - or when dancing. I typically opt for a 5 mg gummy, equivalent to a glass of wine for me. By the way, I switched from alcohol to cannabis after discovering I had peripheral neuropathy.

Cannabis isn't just for recreation; it has become an essential part of my wellness routine. In addition to using it to enhance sexual pleasure - FINALLY women have their own Viagra. I turned to cannabis for pain management and inflammation reduction when I broke my ankle in April. Instead of relying on addictive opioids or ibuprofen, which interferes with bone healing, I found relief in CBD/THC.

Like many seniors, I grapple with sleep issues, but instead of resorting to sleeping pills, I opt for a CBD tincture or gummy. The result? A more restful night's sleep without the morning 'hangover' often associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

A gluten allergy led to atopic dermatitis, a painful and unsightly condition. I eliminated gluten from my diet and incorporated CBD internally and externally through a skin cream. Over a short time, the dermatitis cleared up, eliminating the need for the steroid-based ointment prescribed by my dermatologist.

My focus is on wellness, health, HOT sex, and having FUN!

So to further educate myself and help my clients on the medical aspects of cannabis, I aligned with an incredible company - two outstanding Cannabis Nurses, Sherri and Elisabeth Mack, The Green Nurses/Holistic Caring. They are pioneers in cannabis education, and I've gained invaluable insights from them.

To learn about the basics of why cannabis can be important to your health, check out one of their informative webinar at

What's more, their company has a network of nurses available for consultations to guide individuals on the best cannabis products and dosages for their unique needs.

To Health, Happiness, and Hot Sex!

Below please find great, recommended products from Green Nurse | Bloom Hemp.

For legal purposes, I need to state that I will earn commissions on any sales via these links.


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