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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

Continue to Create the Best Chapter of Your Life

Congratulations to Joy on her many chapters!

I can certainly relate. Before my 40s, I navigated the world of corporate sales and technology. However, a major shift occurred as I embraced a new path, becoming a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy focusing on sexual enhancement. In my 50s, I took on the role of an Association Executive, focusing on online child protection. Transitioning into my 60s, I dedicated my time to community volunteering. (

Now, in my 70s, I find myself passionately advocating for cannabis and educating others. It's been a truly incredible journey, and as I reflect on the twists and turns, I can't help but think, "What a strange trip it's been!"

The anticipation of what my 80s will bring fills me with excitement and curiosity. Having role models like Joy gives us all hope.

Thank you Joy!

Plus Joy is a hoot! I was a guest on The View in 1998. Check out the video at the bottom of


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