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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

Defying Aging - Baby Boomers Still Rock!

At the heart of my website is a simple yet powerful message: "We do not have to GROW OLD just because we are getting older." This message has resonated with many who have read my previous post on the topic ( But it's a message I want to repeat, shout, and scream every time I come across articles that perpetuate the opposite belief or witness people my age buying into the societal BS about aging. I know people who are old at 50 and people who are young at 80.

I often find myself astounding people when I reveal my age. The prevailing advice is often to lie about one's age, and I admit to doing so myself for years due to societal beliefs about age particularly in the dating world and even in business. I believe I recently lost a client once they learned my age. By all standards, I had done a spectacular job for them reaching 55+ market. I attract this demographic since I give them hope that they will be as energetic and fun as I am at my age.

However, inspired by other courageous women and celebrities who have boldly embraced their age, I may "come out" someday – LOL!

People frequently inquire about the secret behind my ‘youthful’ appearance and vitality. It's not a result of luck, genetics, or clean living for years, but rather a recent conscious effort to listen to my body's whispers and take charge of the changes it undergoes. It goes beyond mere appearance, although living in Los Angeles, where appearance is often prioritized, certainly influences my perspective.

Throughout the years, I have learned to pay closer attention to my body's cues, guiding me toward necessary adjustments. Here are some significant changes I have made:

  • 40 years ago, I stopped smoking cigarettes after smoking for 22 years and a 3-pack daily habit. I saw what smoking cigarettes did to my mother’s health.

  • 11 years ago, I dropped 60 lbs. because my glucose number was pre-diabetic and I stopped drinking wine because of its sugar content.

  • Two years ago, I stopped drinking alcohol. I replaced this with cannabis beverages ( ).

  • One year ago, I stopped eating food with gluten because I developed atopic dermatitis. Plus, I started to follow Dr. Gundry’s lectin-free eating program.

  • One year ago, I added collagen to my supplements because I was promoting a collagen product (

  • Four months ago, I fractured my ankle. Based on research, I increased my collagen intake even more because it would help with the healing of my bones ( I never expected that this simple change would be like having a natural facelift!!

While I am very grateful that my health issues have been relatively minor compared to others, I do get frustrated when I see people complain about their health or weight for years without making simple changes like adjusting their diet or incorporating more exercise. Many claim to be eating healthy. BUT if they were, they wouldn’t weigh an extra 25 - 50 lbs. Excess weight, unhealthy eating habits, and a lack of physical activity often contribute to these issues. Instead of solely relying on medication with its side effects, taking charge of one's lifestyle choices can lead to transformative outcomes.

The COVID-19 pandemic only reinforced negative beliefs about aging, with older individuals being identified as THE high-risk group. However, it was underlying health conditions such as diabetes, heart issues, being overweight, and compromised immune systems that were the primary factors. Sadly, COVID had many seniors isolated at home which was TERRIBLE for their mental and physical health. It was a very difficult time.

I understand that making changes in life can be challenging, and I, too, delay adjustments until my body insists. While my diet is generally healthy, I have a weakness for ice cream—Ben & Jerry's is my comfort food. During healing from my fractured ankle, I gained 10 pounds, which I am now working to shed. Goodbye B&J, I am replacing you with low-fat yogurt with fresh berries, ground flaxseeds, and walnuts.

Let us challenge the notion that age alone defines our health vulnerability. I implore you to take control of your health, diet, and mental attitude before it is too late. Each day presents an opportunity to Create the Best Chapter of Your Life, regardless of your age. Together, let's defy stereotypes, celebrate our vitality, and live each day to the fullest.

To Health and Happiness!

Baby Boomers Still Rock - as evidenced by the Rolling Stones' new album -


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