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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

Focus on Your Strengths and Delegate the Rest - If Possible

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, content and technology reign supreme. The fusion of these two elements shapes the digital realm. As for me, I wield the power of words to craft content aimed at enhancing lives, fostering health, joy, and fun, and driving discussions on cannabis.

My area of expertise is crystal clear: the dynamic intersection of 50+, sexuality, health, and cannabis, proving once and for all that we Baby Boomers continue to rock the world.

A self-professed data nerd, I embark on thorough research journeys before weaving my thoughts into the fabric of a blog. However, I confess that in this era of relentless technological advancement, attempting to keep pace with every innovation has, at times, hindered both my writing progress and other endeavors.

The irony lies in my own background in technology (check out my profile on LinkedIn) – quite the paradox, isn't it?

When it came to establishing my online presence through a website, the advice echoed – "Use WIX or GoDaddy, they're user-friendly! Just dive in yourself or outsource to a budget-friendly webmaster, perhaps one from Eastern Europe." I ventured down these paths, attempting a do-it-yourself approach and even collaborating with other webmasters. Alas, the path was laden with time-consuming efforts and help that failed to grasp my unique constraints and target audience. This struggle turned paralyzing, frustrating, and expensive; inevitably impeding the growth of my business.

What I truly needed was a succinct "cheat sheet" coupled with expert guidance. A mentor who understood my competencies and constraints (as I do with my clients), and who could elevate my learning curve without making me feel inadequate. The journey was a gradual one. A dear friend's persistence ultimately led me to Cyndee Wilson of CRGRAPHIX (, an 'intervention' that proved to be a lifeline.

Cyndee not only designed my website but also provided invaluable insights on expanding my online footprint. Her consultancy transcends traditional roles, merging years of coaching, technological expertise, and web design finesse. Interestingly, Cyndee has become a common denominator among my circle, assisting several of my friends as well. Speaking of a small world, during a social gathering, I showcased my website to a friend on my iPhone and received accolades for its engaging design. To my astonishment, I learned he too was a client of Cyndee's. What adds an intriguing layer is that we're based in Redondo Beach, CA, while Cyndee operates from South Carolina – a testament to the virtual interconnectedness of the modern world. We are all now Cyndee Groupies!!

In a world dominated by content and technology, recognizing one's strengths and seeking expertise where needed is paramount. My journey, marked by challenges underscores the significance of collaboration and delegation. It's a paradigm that has not only advanced my endeavors but also enriched the lives of those I touch.

My admiration for Cyndee's work is so profound that I've taken the leap to become an Affiliate, my first foray into this world. By recommending Cyndee's services, I earn income that in turn supports my commitment to enhancing people's lives through my work.

In Need of a Web Designer/Consultant? Consider Cyndee.

So, if you find yourself in need of a web designer and consultant who marries technical expertise with a keen understanding of individual needs, I wholeheartedly recommend Cyndee. Take advantage of connecting with her ( Your support will not only empower your endeavors but also contribute to my mission of making lives better.

Thank you!


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