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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

Hot Sex Tip – Stretching Before Sex

My Hot Sex Tips series will include various topics starting with how our mental attitude about sex plays a big role. Of course, I will discuss sex toys, cannabis, lubricant, hormones, and whatever else results in hotter more pleasurable sex and intimacy for you.

Today, I want to share a tip that you may not think of – stretching for better sex.

I co-authored a book years ago with a fitness expert who was a regular on the Jane Fonda videos. Our book was 'Recipes for Hot Sex … the book for a spicy sex life … just add love.' One of her contributions was exercises for strength, flexibility, and endurance; especially the thighs and buttocks, so you could maintain any position for as long as needed to have the greatest amount of pleasure.

Why do I bring this up? A friend was having sex with her partner who was a bigger man. She was on top on her knees and he had his legs somewhat stretched apart. In order to accommodate him, she stretched her thighs further apart than normal. The pleasure was great, but towards the end of their play, her glut muscle started to hurt badly. So much for the pleasure of hot sex.

She spent the next week in pain, taking anti-inflammatories, using THC/CBD cream, icing, massaging, and stretching. She finally had to go to her chiropractor. He reminded her that especially at this age, we need to stretch before sex as we need to do with any other sport. Plus the next time she will ask her partner to move his legs closer together, so she doesn’t need to stretch as much - LOL!

Let’s talk for a minute about the Woman on Top sex position - it is one of the more pleasurable ones for women. It lets you control the depth and angle of penetration, as well as the speed. Being on top feels great because many women - over 70% - may require that external clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. When you're on top and you lean forward, you engage the entire clitoris for better orgasms. Plus let’s be practical, if your partner is having ED issues, just grinding your clit against his body can stimulate your clit enough for a pleasurable orgasm for you. Adding a vibrator to your play certainly helps a lot, too.

So, remember to stretch your hamstrings, glutes, and quads before sex.

BTW If you google ‘exercises to stretch hamstrings, glutes, and quads for seniors', you will find a plethora of exercises.



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