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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

Seniors Helping Seniors Podcast

As I discuss in my other blogs, and as many of you know, I've experienced numerous chapters in my life (you can learn more about them here: My professional background is also available on my LinkedIn profile:

In my current chapter, my focus revolves around the 55+ age group, encompassing topics such as health, sexuality, cannabis, and overall quality of life. I derive immense satisfaction from assisting other 'seniors' in leading vibrant, healthy lives. I am disheartened by the extent to which some individuals buy into prevailing aging stereotypes.

While it's true that changes occur and I acknowledge that my energy levels aren't what they were at 50, and healing takes more time, I firmly believe that aging shouldn't equate to simply growing old. Aging is not synonymous with becoming old; it's about creating the best chapter of your life. It's unfortunate to witness some individuals prematurely succumbing to age, while others remain brimming with vitality and relishing every moment.

Many younger people have shared that they consider me a role model, attributing this perception to my vitality, physical appearance, and mental outlook. Advancing in age doesn't preclude a joyful life, provided you assume responsibility and take affirmative steps toward your physical and mental well-being.

I feel privileged to have been invited by Paul Hollis to be a guest on his 'Seniors Helping Seniors' podcast, which you can find here:

Paul Hollis is the CEO of Seniors Publishing and co-hosts the podcast with Neil Haley, also known as "The Media Giant." Additionally, Paul is a bestselling author, offering his expertise to individuals seeking assistance with writing blogs, and books, as well as providing publishing, marketing, and website services. You can learn more about Paul's work here:

Neil Haley is a Nationally Syndicated Radio/TV Host, Podcaster, and Social Media/Podcasting Coach, as highlighted on his LinkedIn profile:

Together, we strive to foster a community of seniors helping seniors, sharing insights and experiences that promote a fulfilling and vibrant life.


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