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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

Some of Dr. Joan's Chapters

‘Dr. Joan’ Irvine is a woman who has been a pioneer, advocate, and mentor throughout her life.

She has blazed trails throughout her career, starting as the 'Token Chick' leader in the late 60s and breaking barriers for women in traditionally male-dominated fields. From being the only female salesperson for L'Oreal in a region of 20 salesmen, to becoming a computer programmer at Bell Labs in her 30s, In the ’80 she was a Regional Sales Manager for Automatic Data Process (ADP). She earned a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy in the 90s, Dr. Joan has proven time and time again that there are no limits to what a woman can achieve., Dr. Joan has also been an advocate for online child protection, helping to develop award-winning technology and establish policies for 'high-risk' top-level domains on the internet.

She has also been an active member of her community, establishing an environmental nonprofit (Keep the Esplanade Beautiful), participating in the Leadership Redondo program, and helping legalize cannabis businesses in Redondo Beach.

Throughout her life, Dr. Joan has been a mentor and role model for women, showing them that anything is possible and that life doesn't end at 50. In fact, during the pandemic, Dr. Joan pivoted back to her passion: focusing on helping people to live their best chapter ever, cannabis education for active 55+, and of course, Hot Sex for Seniors.

Dr. Joan is excited to share her insights and inspire others to reach their full potential. For booking inquiries, including speaking engagements, media appearances, brand spokesperson opportunities, podcast guest appearances, or personal consulting, please contact her at


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