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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

The Green Nurses Podcast w/Dr. Joan - Sex, Cannabis and Seniors

Cannabis, Sex and Seniors: May 1st at 5 PM on Facebook Live -

Excited to share that Green Nurse is celebrating the 7th year of podcasting "The Green Nurse Living Your Best Life." Nurse Sherri delved into podcasting in 2018 following NCSBN's mandate for nurses to master six key areas of cannabis knowledge. Her aim was to spotlight transformative healing narratives and combat stigma, drawing from her own experience with cannabis as medicine.

Dr. Joan Irvine, a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cannabis Advocate, and Sex Educator, hosts the 'Your Best Life' radio show on She is the author of 'Recipes for Hot Sex' and was interviewed by Barbara Walters on The View.

Dr. Joan employs a variety of methods including hypnosis, behavior modification, cognitive learning, and practical advice. She also integrates sex toys and cannabis to elevate individuals' sexual experiences, adding more joy to their lives.

With a diverse background spanning technology, sales, government relations, online child protection, and internet policy development, Dr. Joan's career journey is characterized by multifaceted chapters that have enriched her comprehensive understanding of sexual enhancement and personal growth. Despite her experience across various fields, her unwavering passion lies in sexual enhancement. She is on a continuous mission to challenge taboos, dispel misconceptions, and empower individuals on their personal journeys, positioning her as a valuable guide for seniors embracing this new phase of life.

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