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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

Celebrating Courage: Reflecting on Women's History Month

As we mark the last day of Women's History Month, it's a time to honor the remarkable women who have paved the way for change and fought for equality in a world that often seeks to diminish their contributions. Particularly, we spotlight those who have dared to embark on "the road less traveled," facing discrimination and adversity with unwavering strength.

A prime example of such resilience in the modern era is Stormy Daniels. Her story is not just one of personal struggle but a testament to the courage it takes to stand up against some of the most formidable forces in our world. Learn more about Stormy Daniels.

Taking on a figure of immense power to defend her integrity and rights required immense bravery—a "lot of ovaries," if you will. The intimidation and public scrutiny that followed her legal battle (notably, the Trump vs. Daniels trial set to begin on April 15, 2024) highlight the intense pressure and invasion of privacy she endured. Yet, Daniels stood her ground, refusing to be silenced or hypocritical.

Daniels, an adult entertainer and erotic dancer, represents professions that, despite their long history, remain marginalized in our society. This stigma overlooks the influence and autonomy such roles historically offered women, reminiscent of the sixteenth-century Venetian courtesans who wielded power and freedom envied by many women. Beyond her professional endeavors, Daniels is a mother, a businesswoman, a would-be candidate for Governor in Louisiana, and an advocate for child protection online, demonstrating a multifaceted life committed to positive impact.

Working alongside her as she championed the cause of the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) and its Restricted to Adults (RTA) website label, I witnessed firsthand her dedication to leveraging her platform for the greater good. This commitment was evident during a press conference in Washington DC, underscoring the diverse roles she embodies beyond the public's perception.

Since it is Easter, this brings to mind the historical misrepresentation of figures like Mary Magdalene, often labeled a prostitute. Modern scholarship, such as the insights from The Gospel of Luke, suggests she was likely a wealthy supporter of Jesus's ministry, challenging the traditional narrative and inviting us to reconsider our perceptions of women's roles throughout history.

My professional journey as a therapist, grounded in the belief that what is safe and consensual between adults is natural and acceptable, has taught me the value of privacy—an ethic increasingly undermined in the digital age. Yet, society's judgment often falls selectively, critiquing individuals like Daniels while overlooking similar figures such as Melania Trump, whose past as an erotic model is glossed over. The distinction between their professions blurs upon closer examination, revealing societal hypocrisy in the scrutiny of women's choices.

As we confront the pervasive issue of gender-based abuse, it's imperative to acknowledge and support the courage of women like E. Jean Carroll and Stormy Daniels, who have bravely called out abusive behavior at great personal risk. Their legacy, alongside that of suffragettes and icons of the women's rights movement, such as the anthem "I Am Woman" by Helen Reddy, will inspire and empower future generations to continue the fight for equality and respect.

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