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  • Dr. Joan Irvine

YOUR BEST LIFE: Exclusive Interview with Sue Taylor, aka Mama Sue! 

I am thrilled to announce an upcoming interview with the inspiring Sue Taylor, better known as Mama Sue! Tune in on June 26 at 2 PM on to learn about her incredible work with seniors and cannabis.

About Sue Taylor: Sue Taylor is a retired Catholic School Principal and the co-founder and Executive Director of Farmacy Berkeley (formerly iCANN). Farmacy Berkeley is renowned for its cutting-edge cannabis education, top-quality products, and compassionate staff. Sue founded iCANN in 2009 with her son and daughter-in-law, envisioning a community dispensary dedicated to educating seniors about cannabis, enhancing their quality of life, and breaking down stigmas.

In 2020, Farmacy Berkeley officially opened its doors. Concurrently, Sue launched ‘Mama Sue Wellness,’ a line of CBD and Sleep tinctures tailored to the needs of seniors. Today, Sue serves as a Brand Ambassador for the Glass House group, tirelessly working to change the stigma surrounding cannabis and educating seniors about the plant's health benefits.

Recent Achievements:

  • Featured in CNN’s “The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper” Weed 7: A Senior Moment, now streaming on MAX.

  • Host of ‘Plants Over Pills’: A video series in collaboration with Glass House Brands, where Sue interviews notable celebrities and athletes like former NBA star Baron Davis, Bravo reality star Golnesa ‘GG,’ and entrepreneur Dreka Gates to share real stories of how cannabis can aid in healing and improving lives.

  • 2024: Honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Women’s Cannabis Awards, an event I was privileged to attend.

Mama Sue’s mission is to bridge the generational gap and eliminate the stigma surrounding cannabis. She has witnessed firsthand the plant’s healing benefits and is dedicated to shifting the perception from ‘reefer madness’ to one of curiosity and social acceptance.

On a personal note, Sue is a friend, and we often enjoy dancing to live bands together – a fun and lively way to stay fit! Baby Boomers Still Rock!!

Don't miss this enlightening interview with Sue Taylor on June 26 at 2 PM on

If you have any questions, please contact ‘Dr. Joan’ at To learn more about Dr. Joan, visit

🌟 Sue Taylor: A Role Model for Women’s Personal Growth and an Astute Business Leader 🌟


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